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 Disco's Dyno Exprience

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PostSubject: Disco's Dyno Exprience   Fri Jun 08, 2007 7:28 am

Disco has had such a hard time this ray of sunshine deserves its own thread.

First before the sheets, I must say Johnny Adams is my FUCKING HERO, he tried for 5 hours Wednesday and god knows how long thursday trying to fiqure out the horrible crome software, eventually Johnny agreed to let us purchase a Hondata system for the car, it was like pulling teeth Johnny was so determined to make crome work that he didnt want Disco to spend another dime even if it was giving Johnny money to make it easier on Johnny.

so without further ado

check out the 15% gain in power that Johnny made on motor, the nitrous was actually over powering the stock ignition system proving an msd will help discos car

LOOK where the torque is as soon as the nitrous hits wow

also look at the gain in torque that johnny made, at least 9 ftlbs every where and as much as almost 20ftlbs at peak

discos car is very fun to drive, it feels way faster now than his ls with a 50 shot

morals of the story

1. Johnny Adams is hands down the best tuner I know
2. Hondata is great, dont believe me, why am i putting an s300 on my car now?
3. Crome can lick my sweaty nutsack.
4. NOW THE 2 FASTEST CARS ON THE SITE ARE NITROUS CARS, which proves nitrous rules
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Disco's Dyno Exprience
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