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 My bro lost his R.

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PostSubject: My bro lost his R.   Fri Oct 26, 2007 10:20 pm

So as some know, my 16 yr old bro get a ITR for his first car. He had put countless dollars and hours into it getting it ready to drive cuz it was kind of a beater. I was actually really proud how much time and effort he was putting into it. Well due to his crazy side of the family that he lives with, some arguement happened about some stupid crap and his grandma who he WAS living with decided not to let him have the car.(the title is in her name). He is going to keep trying to get the car but he says it doesnt look good. He just wanted me to keep a lookout for any other hondas for sale just in case though so if you know of something decent let me know. Hopefully his grandma will at least give him back the money that he paid for it.(around 3.5 g's)

If it turns out that he can't keep the car, we are going to go over at night and swap my ls seats for his seats haha. He still has a key! His grandma would never know.
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My bro lost his R.
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