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 Dapper Dan a SCAMMER you make the call

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PostSubject: Dapper Dan a SCAMMER you make the call   Wed Dec 02, 2009 2:00 am

I am writting this email to inform everyone of my experience doing business with Dapper Dan aka Nicholas Nguyen. If you are considering doing business with him I highly suggest you read this. I will also use as areference a thread Henry_Thread_for_Dapper_Dan from Driven2Modify.com that explains another individuals experience with Dapper_Dan the guy behind the business Tuned By Dapper Dan in Valprasaio Florida.

I'm into sportbikes and have been for years. I own a 2006 ZX-10R and was just wanting a set of oem 2008 ZX-10r black/green stripe wheels with rotors. I'm a member on ZX-10R.net and have been for years and most of the guys there are pretty cool. I got a pm from a southside zx10r saying he had the wheels and rotors. I did the transaction 515.00, through Papal on 11/04/2009 and was waiting for the tracking number. Package arrives and inside I find an old exhaust part, no wheels or rotors. On the shipping label it has a name of Jason Parson in Mary Esther Florida (south). So by using the tracking number information and other sources I found out it shipped out of Crestview (north Florida) and that Nicholas Nguyen aka Dapper_Dan is the owner. Its obvious based on the shipping label that Nicholas, the self proclaimed "hustler" from his now private myspace, didn't want me to know his name, I know his name, he didn't want me to know his address, I know his address, and he didn't want me to know his cell number, I know that now as well. I suppose if your reading this you might still be thinking, well it's just one persons word against another. One worthy note and perhaps the best is that FEDEX also captures the dimensions of the box. On my tracking number Nicholas (Dapper_Dan) entered 28in L x 11in W x 9in H anybody beside Nicholas thinking you could get ZX-10R wheels in a box that size? Honest mistake yeah right.
I also found out he has a business on the side called (Tuned_by_Dapper_Dan) supposed to be some super tunner by his account. So is this how you do business? I've tried to contact him several times for a refund haven't heard from him except for him to tell me "your package shipped". So guys think long and hard about doing business with this guy. Do you really want him under your hood with your expensive parts and engine, I wouldn't trust what he was doing or what I was getting.
This brings me to another thread I found written by a former customer of his. Here's just the beginning and feel free to check out the thread on Driven2Modify.com. The Basic content is a guy had Dapper_Dan (Nicholas) work on his car, they went for a test drive and the motor blew up (supper tunner, you bet). So the guy had Dapper_Dan put a stroker kit in it. When the owner got his car back and after inspection felt that it was missing some original parts, like the tranny! and a turbo, etc. I cannot confirm any of it so you'll have read it for yourself. http://www.driven2modify.com/showthread.php?t=21347
Well that's my experience with this guy, I still think most guys on the bike and car forums are honest but some are not. If you're thinking of letting Dapper_Dan do work for you on your ride or if you're ordering high dollar parts from him well BUYER BEWARE.
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PostSubject: Re: Dapper Dan a SCAMMER you make the call   Tue Dec 15, 2009 9:20 am

yes he is
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Dapper Dan a SCAMMER you make the call
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