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Uncle Bennyz CrEw is a group of friends that share the same interest. Tuning and modifying vehicles that range from cars to motorcycles.
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 Where did it all start for you

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PostSubject: Where did it all start for you   Tue Feb 06, 2007 2:25 pm

so just wondering where you all got started in the tuning and racing of cars. post up pics of the car and the mods

as for me it starterd with a 1989 Acura AV1 Integra
stock : D16A1 (118hp108trq) DOHC
decided to blow the crap out of it so i could get a JDM ZC DOHC(135hp120trq)

and here is where it started

then i decided to go sleeper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Where did it all start for you   Wed Feb 07, 2007 1:13 am

shit i have modified every car that i have owned in some way or another mostly audio and video stuff but my first car that i started to hop up the motor and stuff was a 90 accord ex 2 door blk with 128000 miles when i bought it then i started to mod it with
dc header (which i didnt like)
summit high flow cat
2 1/2 cat back to a aerospeed tunable bomb muffler (nice deep tone but loud a hell my ears would be ringing if i went out on i-10 for a hour or so)
apc short ram intake
centerforce dual friction clutch
matrix 24 way adjustable coilovers
upgraded plugs and wires
panasonic head unit with menphis class d amps pushing 3 aria dvc 10 in a custom box (mad thump yo)
alarm with remote start (yep its a manuel ive had it on every one of my cars that i have owned)
shawn and i built it all in his garage it was a freakin blast
and there is prob a few more odds and ends that im forgeting to talk about. i dont have pics right now cus im at work but when i get home i will post some up.
i have come a long way from that car to what i have now
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Where did it all start for you
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